Do they make money? What happens to it?

Yes, they do. All participating schools must provide the start-up funding to each of their participating company teams.  Any profit made over and above the start-up funding is shared between Broadclyst Primary School and the participating school. The profit share is 50/50. The profit received by Broadclyst Primary School will also be reinvested in the project in future years.

Are the businesses virtual, or real?

The businesses are virtual in the sense that we give the children virtual money. They are real in the sense that the children, through their school, keep profit and loss accounts, purchase the materials, manufacture and market the products and have a period of selling. They re-invest profits to purchase more materials and the race is on to make the most profit.

How are the outcomes measured?

The outcomes are measured through the profit and loss accounts and by a panel of judges that will review the work they have submitted alongside their accounts. There will be a leader board that will be updated each week with details of the profit each International company has made. Every 'team' will need to submit profit and loss accounts each week.

What will the most successful team be awarded?

The most successful company will be invited to attend an award ceremony. The award will be presented  to the winning team of 5-6 children, out of the many that participated.