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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 09:28

About the 'Reducing, Recycling and Reusing' Team, Punjab, India

Reducing, Recycling and Reusing

The eight members of the Green Gallery team attend Kamla Nehru Public School in a village called Chak Hakim, Punjab, India  which is about 6 kms away from the city. 
 Stuti Majumdar (12) and Abza Dorbala (11) describe how they are progressing with the GEC, along with the contribution of other team members Pallavi Sharma, Singu Akash, Aashna Sharma, Jasleen Kaur, Aryan Sharma and Vibhuti Bhardwaj.

We have each defined our area of action within the team, though it’s a common goal of each team member to put in joint efforts. We have sales and marketing head, creative head, manufacturing head, advertising manager, product manager, IT team, accounts head and an inventory manager. Each one contributes in the best possible way.

We are working mainly on the concept of ‘Reduce Recycle Reuse’. Hence, we are promoting the idea of reducing usage of plastic bags and instead using cloth bags. We have collected unused clothes, and recycled them in making bags, pouches and hand fans. We also have potted plants, pen holders made of used bangles, old newspapers and poster colours.

The technology          

With technology things become easier. We have learnt to design a logo, slogan, and survey form, and made our PowerPoint presentation for the Dragon’s Den. We socialised on Yammer and got to know each other through Skype and made videos.        

Collaborating with children from other countries             
We have learnt to share ideas to make both questionnaire and products along with teamwork. We shared ideas and best practices as well as the biographies, logos and slogans of our teams.

Challenges and successes

It’s difficult to calm down team members when they are not convinced of an idea or an approach!

So far, the Dragon’s Den presentation and selling our products has been our favourite part, but covering all the points in the presentation and finishing all the products was the hardest part too.

Now we are making products and have decorated a soft board for the sale. We have announced in assembly about our sale. We are also posting pictures and videos on our school website, Yammer, Twitter and YouTube.

The most important thing we’ve learnt

The most important thing we have learnt is collaboration and team work. We have also learnt to respect and appreciate others' ideas and views. We learnt the importance of being supportive.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to respected Head Teacher Ms P K Dhillon for guiding and encouraging us. We extend special thanks to Ms Upasana and Ms Charu for their valuable inputs. We also want to thank our fecilitator Ms Sharda, Media manager
Ms Harmeet and computer teacher Ms Nitika. 
We would advise any future Challenge competitors to participate enthusiastically, work hard and win!

Preparing for the future

The challenges of the GEC will help us prepare for the future as we are learning new ways and concepts of developing skills like leadership and entrepreneurship.

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