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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 07:00

Register for the 2015-16 Challenge

Following a very successful challenge 2014-15 which has culminated in an exciting award ceremony  at Microsoft's prestigous E2 education event in Seattle, we are delighted to now open the registration period for the 2015-16 challenge. The website is still full of FAQs, testimonials, news articles that should help new schools understand the scale (and scalability) of the project, but if you have more to ask please use the contact page to reach out to us.

Once you are convinced, the registration form is now available  again where new and returning schools alike can take their place on the GEC for 2015-16. We look forward to hearing from you!


Today Jonathan Bishop was featured in an articule on the Daily Edventures blog, discussing the Global Enterprise Challenge. In an interview conducted at Microsoft's E2 conference in Seattle last week, VP for Worldwide Education, Anthony Salcito talked with Jonathan about the success of the project so far and the plans for its further evolution in the future. You can read the article text below, or on the original website here.

“Share your passion and excitement and love of learning with your students” -Jonathan Bishop, UK

If you’re a regular reader of Daily Edventures, you may recognize the name of Broadclyst Community Primary School, a Microsoft Showcase School and originator of the Global Enterprise Challenge. The Challenge, pitched at last year’s Global Forum in Barcelona, brings students together from around the world to collaborate and create, all while learning the ins and outs of running a business.

At last week’s E2 Conference in Redmond, we were lucky enough to catch up the Challenge’s creator, Head Teacher Jonathan Bishop, and we learned that he has no plans to slow down.

In his 20 years at Broadclyst, Bishop has transformed the school – leading it’s conversion into an Academy and, more recently, setting up a nursery school for kids as young as two. Over the years, Bishop has also set up a home access system, a collaborative and creative online learning space, and 1:1 classrooms with access to rich media tools, including a TV studio.

But for Bishop, it’s always been about the students. “We can be so organized and procedural and well planned – none of which is bad,” Bishop says, “but it is that personal guidance and support and nurturing that really gives children the confidence to be what they so easily can be.”

Bishop stresses that every student is different, and that teachers must strive to understand each as an individual. His advice to teachers?

“Share your passion and excitement and love of learning with your students — don’t try to constrain them into your pre-conceived ideas,” he says. “Go with aspirational objectives, knowing what you’d love the children to be and be able to do and take them on that journey. Your enthusiasm, drive and passion is what will instill in them that desire to learn, and you’ll get more out of your students.”

With the Global Enterprise Challenge firmly established (the first winning team, from India, received their award at E2 – more to come from them soon), Bishop is looking to the future with even more ambitious plans. His dream is to establish a free school, The Digital Academy, which will focus on computing and feature a creative curriculum that teaches critical thinking skills.

For now, Bishop shares what inspired him to become an educator, and what gets him excited to come to school each day. Enjoy today’s Daily Edventure with Jonathan Bishop!

This week at Microsoft's Global Forum for Education, E2, the winning GEC team for 2015, R.N. Podar School, Mumbai, were presented with their trophy and certificates. Travelling to Seattle and touring the city may have been exciting enough, but the awards ceremony that was the culmination of the week's event became the backdrop against which they met both Jonathan Bishop, head at Broadclyst School and finally Anthony Salcito, VP of Worldwide Education for Microsoft. Anthony presented the pupils with their trophy, an unusual glass and crystal design engraved with their achievement. He also presented each with a certificate to keep personally and to the accompanying teacher, Ms Varsha Bhambhani, a winning school certificate.

The winning pupils, from the Bookmarks Team were:

  • Ms Sindhuja Suryanarayanan
  • Mr Pranshu Jindal
  • Ms Avaanya Pandya
  • Mr Kurian David
  • Ms Kalyanee Bhor