There are some important principles that must be followed when the children trade to be sure that the challenge is both fair and safe. These include:Teams can only trade at agreed times and in agreed locations.


These are agreed with their teachers.


Trading can only take place during the dates set down in the timeline and the project co-ordinator will advise of these.


Clear guidelines must be given by the teachers of the participating schools about who they can trade with. This is typically children of the school and their families.


Trading must take place under the supervision of adults.


The team members can only sell in a limited way to their families and any sales must be declared. Please see the 'rules' for more details.


The teams can trade as regularly or as little as they want but schools must balance the manufacturing time, the trading time and their school work time.

Each school must agree a date with the project co-ordinator to have a 'trade fair'. This is where all teams come together to sell at a fair or fete to which the school is invited but this is only one event. The teams should trade before and after this event over a period of weeks.

Each team needs to be given a 'cash float' and their cash position reconciled against their company accounts each week.