Broadclyst Community Primary School has run a business enterprise project with its Year 6 pupils for a number of years. Hugely motivational for the children, and exciting for the teachers, the enterprise project incorporates business skills including product design, market research, manufacture and marketing and it encompasses many different elements of the curriculum, putting the children's learning into a real-life context.

Headteacher Jonathan Bishop took the Broadclyst enterprise project concept to a global level during the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum. In a Dragon's Den style pitch against ideas from schools from around the world, he put forward the idea of taking the current project and making it into the Global Enterprise Challenge. This was the winning pitch, and BCPS was awarded $25,000 to make the Challenge a reality.

 Watch the Barcelona pitch

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This extraordinary challenge connects schools and children from across the world into one global education project. It helps the students to increase their awareness of cultural diversities and gain an understanding of world markets and currencies, as well as honing their entrepreneurial skills, economic awareness, an understanding of cultural diversity, communication and collaboration skills, problem-solving skills and creativity through the use of technology.

The 2021/22 challenge will go live in October 2021. Check out the rules and if you wish to applysign up here

Collaborating globally

One of the key aims of the challenge is for the children to communicate and collaborate not only with the other children in their team but with the other teams in their international company across the world. At each stage of the challenge each team must share its ideas and outcomes with the other teams in the international company through the use of the collaboration tools found within Microsoft 365. 

The project is based entirely around the use of Microsoft 365 and no other platforms can be used. All schools will be registered by Broadclyst Community Primary School into Office365 and each child within the challenge will have an Office365 account which will give them access to Yammer, Email, Teams and Office software.

The communication between the teams will be supported by the project co-ordinator to help arrange the calls. During the calls and via email and Yammer the children will need to agree their company name, share their ideas for their logo, the design ideas and their marketing ideas. Following the productivity of the international company they belong to and asking for support and ideas from other teams will help them to develop their own entrepreneurial ideas and to improve their own performance.