Across the world there are going to be 10 international companies in each age group. The younger children (aged 9-11) are going to be making specified products that they will then market. The older children (aged 12-15) will be developing products from specified categories. See the products and categories page for details. 

Each school from each participating country will need to split their children into ten teams and allocate to them one of these ten products. This means that each team will be a 'subsidiary' of the international company.

There are two main aims for each team:

  1. To be part of the overall most successful international company. Each week the leader board will be updated with that week's trading figures for each International Company.
  2. To make their team the most successful team in the whole world. This will be judged by a panel of judges. The top 20 most profitable teams out of all the participating teams will be asked to submit the PowerPoint and a recording of their 'Dragon's Den' pitch for the judges to review. They will also be asked to submit the written reports, marketing materials (including video commercial) and the PowerPoint and a recording of their final presentation made. The judges may also interview the team through a Lync video call.

The judges will select the winning team after considering all the information provided to them.

The winning team will receive their award at an awards ceremony, details yet to be confirmed.