Microsoft365 is Microsoft's cloud based platform delivering a range of tools and desktop based software. The project is based entirely around the use of Microsoft365 and no other platforms can be used. All schools will be registered by Broadclyst Community Primary School into Microsoft365 and each child within the challenge will have an Microsoft365 account which will give them access to Yammer, Email, Skype and Office software.

One of the key aims of the challenge is for the children to communicate and collaborate not only with the other children in their team but with the other teams in their International Company across the world. At each stage of the challenge each team must share its ideas and outcomes with the other teams in the international company through the use of the collaboration tools found within Microsoft365.


      MS Word: The children will use Word to create their written reports to take to the 'Dragon's Den' with details of their ideas and market research but also in their final written reports. Embedding graphs from Excel and using the photo tools with Word will allow the children to create high quality documents. Writing letters and using letterheads and page numbers will be  key skills they will learning about.
  MS Excel: The results of the market research will be recorded and analysed in Excel and the 'Profit and Loss' accounts will be kept in a spreadsheet. A format and example of these is provided below and these accounts need to be submitted each week to their teachers for checking and then to the project co-ordinator to validate and update the 'Leader board'
  MS PowerPoint: Each team will need to create a presentation to use in the 'Dragon's Den' with details of their ideas and market research but also in their final report back to 'Dragons' on their overall performance. They will need to be taught how to use bullets, transitions and graphics effectively to deliver a high impact presentation of their ideas and findings. This will involve them embedding video, photos, graphs into their presentations.
  MS Publisher: Marketing their product will need the children to design and create high quality posters and flyers. The skills of desktop publishing are still an important skill, even in a world dominated by the web. Children will design logos and also create their own websites with on-line ordering forms.
  MS OneNote: One of the most powerful tools for enabling real time collaboration between team members and across teams in different countries is OneNote. Almost anything can be embedded onto a OneNote page and organised into sections and folders which can then all be searched easily. Digital ink allows for note taking and again is indexed and searchable. Meetings can be recorded, action lists created, tasks tracked... and much, much more.
skype   Skype: Meeting children from around the world to discuss their ideas and share their work is an exciting and critical part of this process. Skype not only allows instant communication and video calling but allows group calling, document and screen sharing and gives information to empower teams from across the world to collaborate really effectively. Combined with the power of OneNote, Skype will ensure the success of the challenge for the children.

The project co-ordinator will use Skype to schedule calls that participants will then join. Calculating time zone differences and co-ordinating 1000 children into these calls at agreeable times will be a huge challenge.

  Yammer: Social networking is big for everyone but also poses some real risks if not used appropriately. Yammer is a Microsoft product that utilises social networking in an enterprise environment that is therefore a closed group and keeps the children in a safe environment. Yammer will be a really powerful way of achieving the formation of good working relationships within a team and between the teams in each country.