The project will take approximately 5 months from start to finish. Below is the proposed timeline and it is critical that all participating schools try to keep to this timeline so the children from across the different countries are able to share their ideas at each stage of the project with each other.

There are set stages from establishing their company, to researching, designing and making a prototype of their product, to securing the funds in their funds to allow them to begin to manufacture and market the product to eventually being able to sell their products, create profit, reinvest their profit in manufacturing more products to try and become the most profitable company team. The project will end with a final presentation to the 'Dragons' who invested in their company where they will report on their successes and failures.

Each stage will require teacher input to discuss with the children the key entrepreneurial skills and guide the children through the critical stages of establishing and running a company. They will need input from local expertise and each participating school can organise their own local entrepreneurs, designers, bankers and local business people to come in and talk with the children to inspire and guide them in the decisions they are making in their teams.

Through each stage there is real opportunity for teachers to embed this learning alongside the teaching of English, mathematics, design and technology and the development of key skills such as IT skills, communication and collaboration skills, problem-solving skills and most importantly presentation and team skills. They will need to be taught about profit and loss and business acumen and develop an awareness of how to market a product and the vital importance of meeting deadlines.



Description of task


Link schools contact


Stage 1

Company formation



1. Agree company groups

2. Choose product

3. Add biographies to 'About Me' on profile and as first entry to personal blogs.

4. Meet other schools' team members via Skype for Business

5. Email biographies to each other

Company formed
Members agreed
Biographies written
Friends made
Emails sent

Children introduce themselves to each other


October 4th - October 22nd 2021
Stage 2

Logo and slogan design


1. Design logo

2. Design slogan

3. Post to Team Sites

Word document with logo and slogan design

Review each other's logos and slogans



October 22nd - October 28th 2021

Stage 3

Product research


1. Research ideas online

2. Sketch ideas/designs

3. Work out how to build/find recipes

4. Agree materials needed

5. Cost product build

Word document with ideas, designs, materials and costings on company site

Discuss designs



October 29th - November 11th 2021
Stage 4



1. Make prototype

Post photos of prototype on company site

View and discuss each other's prototypes


November 12th - December 9th 2021
Stage 5

Market research



1. Create questionnaire

2. Undertake survey of children in school using questionnaire and prototype

3. Analyse results

Questionnaire designed Results document in Word posted on company site

Decide any changes necessary to produce based on results 




December 10th - December 16th 2021
Stage 6 Company report

1. Complete the template using all the information from stage 2-5

Written report in Word posted to company site

Share reports on team sites and discuss each one


December 17th - January 13th 2022
Stage 7 Dragons den

1. Prepare presentation

2. Present in order to acquire funds

Group presentation to 'Dragon's Den

Agree main points for presentation 



January 14th - February 3rd 2022
Stage 8

Advertising and Ordering

1. Design posters

2. Write letters

3. Create film commercial

4. Create a website

5. Order materials

Advertising stuck up/posted/played/live for potential buyers to view

Comment on each other's advertising outcomes 



From February 4th and ongoing throughout sales weeks
Stage 9 Production and sales

1. Order materials and manufacture

2. Take photos of progress

3. Post links on where to purchase materials

4. Keep accounts in spreadsheet

Products made
Photos posted on company site
Links on site
Accounts posted on site

Discuss selling techniques


Sales run from January 14th 2019 to April 7th 2022
Stage 10 Final Report Submitted

At end of trading:

1. Produce written report individually

2. Prepare presentation

Reports posted in company site
Present to each other

Present to each other via video conference



April 19th reports submitted


April - May 2022 shortlisting and judging will take place